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Jamie Gorelick - Political News

Jamie Gorelick Political News

Press release about the election of Jamie Gorelick to the Vice Chair of the United Technologies Group.

Prepared statement of Jamie S Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General Department of Justice before the Judiciary Committee.

Jamie Gorelick speaks as a board direction of the United Technologies Corporation about Keepers of the Corporate Conscience.

Question and Answer article with Fannie Mae’s former lawyer Jamie Gorelick.

Destruction of Evidence, a law and politics book by Jamie Gorelick.

Political campaign donation information from Jamie Gorelick as a member of the Democratic party.

Jamie Gorelick professional biography from the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United Dates.

9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick reflects on the Commission and its report through Duke Law.

Jamie Gorelick discusses politics, business, economics, terrorism and her career with talk show host and interviewer Charlie Rose. More information about Jamie Gorelick and the Charlie Rose interview available at Interview Nation.

News release from Wilmer Hale about WilmerHale Partner Jamie Gorelick Named One of Washingtonian’s “Power 150″

View Jamie Gorelick’s profile on Forbes as a business figure as well as a lawyer and former Deputy Attorney General.

Visit the Jamie Gorelick website for information on Jamie Gorelick and the National Commission on 911.

Transcript from the Chris Matthews show with guest Jamie Gorelick discussing 9/11, terrorist evidence, and related politics.

View Jamie Gorelick press releases or resources for Jamie Gorelick.