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Kendall Coffey’s website at is viewable at

Watch a Youtube video of statements from Kendall Coffey after an evidentiary meeting.

Kendall Coffey’s Attorney at Law profile page is viewable at Lawspin.

Kendall Coffey’s recommendation and reputation profile is viewable on Naymyz.

Kendall is a website that includes articles, information, and additional resources about Kendall Coffey.

Kendall Coffey’s political campaign contributions are largely to the Democratic Party.

Read transcripts at CNN regarding the Florida recount for the 2004 Presidential election. Democratic Attorney Kendall Coffey was involved in the trial and makes a statement on the Miami-Dade Recount.

Kendall Coffey comments on the Arraignment of pop star Michael Jackson as a lawyer and legal analyst

Watch a video on about Kendall Coffey’s comments on the OJ Simpson trial via Youtube.

Kendall Coffey profile is viewable at Mybloglog.

Coffey Burlington is the law firm founded by prominent business, criminal, and political lawyer in the State of Florida Kendall Coffey.

Legal analysis and commentary by Kendall Coffey is available at this Kendall Coffey website.

Linked-in profile for lawyer Kendall Coffey in on linked-in.

Chambers and Partners reviews Kendall Coffey of Coffey Burlington, calling him “a no-nonsense lawyer who is great to have on your side” for both civil and criminal litigation.

Lawyer Kendall Coffey comments on Money Laundering Charges for recent trial case.

Quotes from Kendall Coffey are located on ThinkExist. Law Center article featuresKendall Coffey in an article about how the Blake attorney may not be able to resign

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Kendall Coffey of Coffey Burlington reviewed by Infignos.

Kendall Coffey quoted in an ABC news article titled “Money-Laundering Prosecution Worries Lawyers.”

Commentary by Kendall Coffey on the Elian Gonzalez case.

In the 2000 Presidential Election Florida recount case Kendall Coffey represented Al Gore as US Attorney.