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The Blackstone Group provides information about Peter Peterson, the company’s Senior Chairman and Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, citing a description of Peterson’s career over the years including the books that he has authored as well as the PhD degrees awarded to him.

Overview of Pete Peterson’s company the Blackstone Group, which went public in 2008.

An article from The New York Times titled “Spending $1 Billion to Restore Fiscal Sanity” illustrates how Peter Peterson of the Blackstone Group is serious about informing the American people of the nation’s fiscal dilemma through financing a film documentary entitled “I.O.U.S.A.,” which will be aimed at educating Americans about the growing national debt and urging both politicians and voters to take action.

A column from The New York Times titled “Tax Break Helps a Crusader for Deficit Discipline” talks about Peter Peterson, Co-founder of the Blackstone Group, in disclosing the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and his plan of allocating his money to endeavors that will raise consciousness among the people regarding economic and social issues.

Details the mission of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which was established by Pete Peterson himself, to increase public awareness and understanding as well as address the challenges that America is facing today.

An article from Reuters titled “Peter G. Peterson Commits $1 Billion Toward Solving America’s Most Significant Economic Challenges” details the announcement of Peter Peterson, the Blackstone Group Senior Chairman, about the inauguration of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and his pledge to sponsor at least $1 billion over the next years in helping solve the nation’s economic challenges.

A column from Condé Nast Portfolio titled “Debt Trap” describes what Pete Peterson, Co-founder and Chairman of the Blackstone Group, is doing in helping resolve America’s financial crisis as well as how Peterson is hoping that their documentary film “I.O.U.S.A.,” will stir the minds of the American people as they become aware of the nation’s debt in reality.