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Richard Li

In his official biography, Richard Li’s accomplishments include being a Council Member of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a full member of the Hong Kong Computer Society.

PCCW, founded by Richard Li, has a brief corporate profile for him on its site.

Richard Li is a Hong Kong-based business man who has been very successful with his telecom and other technology investments.

Business Week featured Richard Li in an article titled “The Second Coming of Richard Li”.

During the height of the SARS crisis, Richard Li contributed resources to help the Chinese government combat the deadly disease.

Recognized as one of Ask Men’s leading men for 2006, Richard Li has made his mark in international business and economic leadership.

In “An interview with Richard Li”, Business In Asia talked with him about plans for his Pacific Century Cyberworks (PCCW) company in 1999.

The New York Times has published several stories about Richard Li, covering various aspects of his career and successes.

Richard Li provided Hong Kong residents with information about himself during the 2006 election year.

BusinessWeek speculated on where Richard Li might want to turn his attention next in early 2006.

In November of 2006, Richard Li sold a 22.66% stake in PCCW, earning news mentions around the world.