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An article from the Washington Post titled “A Bear Stearns Market” details how Robert Rubin, the Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Citigroup and former U.S. Secretary of Treasury, discussed about the current markets and the complex mortgage structures being unfamiliar. The article also discusses how Rubin is urging the government to support mortgage market and the American homeowner.

An article from Trans World News titled “If Obama Wins, Who Will Be in His Cabinet — And Who Should Be?” describes how Robert Rubin, Chairman of the Board’s Executive Committee of Citigroup, landed a position and served in President Clinton’s economic council as the insider of America’s corporate world.

A report from the Los Angeles Times titled “Robert Rubin To Give Up Citibank Board Title” announces that Robert Rubin, who also formerly served as U.S. Treasury Secretary, would resign as Chairman of the Board’s executive committee although he would still serve as a director and a senior counselor at the institution.

A comprehensive biography of Robert Rubin, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, is found in Wikipedia, citing his early life, education, career, family life, and political career.

A column from the Washington Post titled “As Congress Talk Stimulus, Labor Leaders Worry They Won’t Have a Voice” illustrates how " onclick="pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/');">Robert Rubin, former Secretary of Treasury, and his group of Wall Street democrats are regarded as being given much importance by the Democratic Party, a subject that concerns the organized labor.

An article from Bloomberg News titled “Befuddled Money Manager Seeks One Honest Broker: David Pauly” describes how Robert Rubin, senior counselor at Citigroup and former Treasury Secretary, expressed that only the traders and the risk-management people were aware of the failing subprime mortgage business.

A report from the Washington Post titled “Wall Street, Washington Huddle on U.S. Markets” describes how Robert Rubin, Wall Street veteran and former U.S. Secretary of treasury, expresses his belief of our political system’s incapability of presently engaging in cost-benefit analysis and that rules could somehow be modified.