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Penn State Smeal College of Business provides a list of companies that recruits its MBA students, including Avalon Capital Group, founded by Ted Waitt. These companies have recently offered Smeal MBA students positions.

Factbites pulls information from various internet sources about the topic Avalon Hill. Information about Avalon Capital Group, headed by founder and chief executive Ted Waitt, makes up part of the results.

Cnet news reports on an interview conducted with Ted Waitt in an article entitled, “Ted Waitt takes on Hollywood.” Waitt’s thoughts regarding the issue of digital music downloading feature prominently in the interview.

Michael Warshaw wrote an article about Ted Waitt. The article, entitled “Guts and Glory: From Farm Boy to Billionaire: Ted Waitt’s Inspiring Story of Incredible Growth,” chronicles Waitt’s experiences as a computer entrepreneur.

The Waitt Institute for Historical Discovery features a biography of its founder, Ted Waitt, on its “About Us” page on its website.

Speakers Platform, a provider of key note speakers, lists Ted Waitt as a possible speaker for upcoming conferences. The site also publishes Ted Waitt’s profile.

Foresight Nanotech Institute announces the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystmes. Ted Waitt participates in the project as a member of the Roadmap steering committee.

Ted Waiit donated $10 million to bolster the Family Violence Prevention Fund. The organization hopes to prevent violence in schools, homes and communities.

Ted Waitt serves as founder and CEO of Avalon Capital Group, Inc., an investment company. His biography can be found on Avalon’s corporate site.

Avalon Capital Group, an investment firm operated by Ted Waitt, invests in technology and other industries. The Group is part of the Waitt Family Foundation.

The New York Times hosts an online archive of its past articles. Information about Ted Waitt and technology can be found in the archives.

National Geographic received support from Ted Waitt’s foundation, the Institute for Historical Discovery, in order to authenticate the codex containing the Gospel of Judas.

Info World published an article about annual salaries of technology company CEOs. Ted Waitt, former CEO of Gateway, is listed with Steve Jobs of Apple.